Windhome skylands

Windhome Skylands

Windhome Skylands is home to the horses of Herd Airistos, and is located in the Floating Islands, islands which are known for their floating advantage point over all of North of North. Windhome Skylands is were the Airistos castle is located, which is home to the Royal Family of Herd Airistos. The castle of Herd Airistos almost looks as though it was something of the Greek gods' invention, with its large pillars created from beautiful polished marble, and the large marble statues of flying horses rearing in happiness. Waterfalls dot the Windhome Skylands, their thunderous waves of turmoil disappearing down into North of North, until they are a mere sprinkle on your head. Along with lush vegetation of shrubs, flowers, and trees that cling to the small radius of the jagged, clay islands. The buildings on the islands seem to have emitted from the clay itself, as they are surrounded by the thick foliage and crowded so close together. Here in Windhome Skylands you'll find many Pegasi floating about, and if you're lucky you might even catch a glimpse of Nike, the Legendary Horse and Patron of Herd Airistos, as Windhome Skylands is one of her favorite places to go.

Herd Pendant

Although Herd Airistos is one of the five Royal Herds, no one knows what its pendant is or looks like, because it was destroyed by the leader of the wolf riders long ago. It was created by Sigga and gifted to Nike so she might be able to keep in touch with the great herd.

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