Anemone Best of Bella Sara

The Whiffle Bears and their friend, Anemone

Horse Friend

The whiffle bears' horse friend is Anemone, the Queen of Herd Airistos, who shares their wing pattern. 


Whiffle Bears are panda-like flying creatures with a light purple and cream body, and swirled coral wings. They have lion tails with tufts of coral hair on the end. They tend to be quite chubby, which makes them extremely adorable and cuddly!


Whiffle Bears live among the cumulus clouds and around the Floating Islands of North of North. 

Way of Life

Whiffle Bears control the clouds and are known to send rainclouds to farms during dry spells and steer them away from picnics. Of course, they can also do it the other way around, though this is only occasionally. 

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