In the middle of Herd Mustang's canyons, lakes, field, and forests, lies a truly amazing sight. The Valley of Legends. In the middle of the valley lays 4 amazing statues of the four Legendary horses. The magic of the statues keeps it from eroding from both water and wind. Through time it began developing legends of its own. Some say it was carved by ancients who discovered North of North and worshipped the statues. Others believe the first Magical friends carved it with thier magic. But most believe it was simply carved by the winds of time. The Valley is guarded by Shamal and Farah of herd Shahazar. 

Valley of Legends

The amazing statues of Legend.

Fiona Monument

This remarkable statue of Fiona is carved of red clay. Its head stands erect and regal watching over all it sees. Its hair billows as if the wind was ever blowing in her direction. It is the dryest of the statues, showing Fiona's love of heat.

Jewel Monument

This beautiful statue of Jewel is carved of sandstone. It stands regally over a lake on an island of stone, showing Jewel's connection to gems. A waterfall tumbles over it spreading a rainbow in the sky and making the jewels encrusted on her head gleam.

Nike Monument

This majestic statue of Nike is carved of limestone. Its wings are outstreched and it leans toward the wind, high above the other statues, showing Nike's connection to Aristos. It has the impression as if it is whinnying joyful sounds for all to hear.

Thunder Monument

This amazing statue of Thunder is carved of shale. It stands tall and proud, courageous and strong. The lightning bolt on its hind quarters travels up the rock he rests on reaching for the sky, showing Thunders connection to storms. Its hair reaches out in wild directions, a Thunder trademark.

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