Picture 51

Uranus, King of Herd Airistos

Herd: Airistos

Title: King of Herd Airistos

Family: Mate Anemone, Colt Ebenos, Filly Cirra


Uranus is a handsome, muscular, pitch black Pegasus stallion. He has a fiery violet-white mane, tail, and feathers (of which he has quite a lot despite not being a draft horse) that trail off dramatically. Despite his muscular appearance and fighting skills, he is never seen without his plated steel armor. The armor covers the majority of his head and neck, only leaving his muzzle and eyes open to the world. No one knows whether he actually wears it for his protection, or simply to keep up his kingly manner. His midnight black wings seemed to sparkle with the stars themselves, and are extremely large for a light horse, even with his muscular stature. His wings slightly resemble an eagle's, with the separate feathers fanning out until only a single feathers remains at the end of his wings. He has been seen on occasion with a solid gold crown on his poll, seemingly made from golden thistles.


Uranus is a proud stallion, a noble leader, a kind father, and a great teacher. He prides in his great herd, and sets a great example of Airistos excellence. He is a wise guru of the Airistos motto. Although he is wise behind his years, he can also be a fierce competitor when it comes to battles, he will not hesitate to defend his herd or his family from evil-doers. He, like his mate, Anemone, is also known to be very romantic.

Magical Gift

He can fly but also seems to be especially gifted as king and has great battle skills. He can also grant the gift of great judgment to humans.

Inspirational Message

"The powers of the universe flow around you and in you. Let them guide you."


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