Herd: Herd Bellasara

Title: Deru's Steed

IMG 1009


Twig is dark tan, with a forest green mane and tail. She has brown hooves and startling blue eyes. Her mane and tail are wrapped in red ribbons and set here and there with small yellow and pink roses. She wears a red makeshift bridle and leg wraps made from leaves and held in place with strands of grass. At Bella's Ball, Twig's red ribbons and makeshift bridle are replaced with green ribbons and a green band around her muzzle. Her roses are traded in for bunches of holly berries, and her leg wraps are white instead of green. She is adorned with a necklace of white flowers, and has a few of those flowers in her mane. Twig is usually seen with Deru on her back.


Twig tends to get done what absolutely needs to, then leave the rest for later. For this reason, she is sometimes called "procrastinator" or "lazy". However, she really isn't. She just doesn't see any reason to hurry things along that will resolve themselves in a reasonable amount of time.

Magical Gifts

Twig is a windwalker, she doesn't have to use wings to fly.

Inspirational Message

"Spend your time on things that matter. The rest will take care of itself."

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