Herd: Valeryk

Title: Patron of Herd Valeryk

Treasure: Tower Azul

Thunder is one of the four legendary horses of Bella Sara. He is known for his courage and strength, and is friends with the Blackcomb Lion, a strong lion with a black blaze in its mane and a golden pelt, who shares his courage and strength.


Picture 5

Thunder and a Blackcomb Lion

Thunder is a night black stallion with a tint of blue. He has a wild black mane and tail that are cut jaggedly but always seem to be flowing from the wind of a storm. He has a white symbol on his left hind-quarters in the shape of a lightning bolt branching out. He has lots of feathering around his fetlocks and has a strong, muscular build to match his tough demeanor. His head and neck are quite broad, which match his large ears and constantly flared nostrils. His hooves are a dusty brown. If he stomps his hooves hard enough, lightning bolts shoot from them and storms wreak havoc. Wherever he goes, a raging thunderstorm follows. He has midnight black, cold eyes, and resembles a Fresian to a tee.


Thunder has been brave since he was born - he was born in a thunderstorm! Shortly thereafter, he was found by Bella and Sara, who were impressed enough to help him on his journey to become a legend. This has connected him with storms and lightning. He helped rebuild Herd Valeryk with Valeryk himself, and now helps rule over it with King Sleetmane and Queen Snowdreamer.


Thunder may be known for his courage, but he cares and protects those he loves with such intensity that almost no one dares attack him. He also has a soft spot for foals, though he doesn't like to admit it, as he likes to keep up a serious manner. It is said that he may have had a foal once, but the foal died.

Magical Gift

Thunder is able to summon lightning from the sky, and when he stomps his hooves lightning bolts shoot from them. He has the ability to conjure wild storms and masters them with a strength. He can give the gift of courage to humans.

Magical Friend

In the picture above Thunder is seen with his best friend, the Blackcomb Lion, named after it's habitat the Darkcomb forest, you can see the resemblance in the serious expressions and muscular builds of the two friends. The Darkcomb Lion is one of a kind and follows Thunder wherever he goes.

Bella Sara Adventures

Thunder is located in Darkcomb Hedge, close to where Cabby brings you. His favorite food is spiceberry.

Inspirational Message

"I give you courage. Now you can release your fears."


Thunder is featured in several Bella Sara products:

Magical Horse

Book 6 of Bella Sara's books

Alone or in a group with Thunder, Sleetmane, Flame, and Violet of digital horses

Trading Card

(It sometimes can be very hard to find him in your card pack as he is extremely rare.)