Herd: Sunflower

Title: Patron of Herd Sunflower

Family: Sisters Moonfairy and Starlight

Sunflower founded the herd named after her when the herds reformed. She still rules that herd, comprised of horses with plant-related magical abilities.

Picture 37

Sunflower at her best.


Sunflower is a beautiful golden mare with a wavy coffee-brown mane and tail with sunflowers strewn and braided into it. On her neck she wears the Sunstone, a large pendant that is the keeper of the herd's magic. She has yellow wings that glow almost like a flame and are translucent.

Magical Gift

Sunflower is capable of flight, as well as of powerful flower magic. It is likely that she can make plants grow.

Inspirational Message

Look for the abundance of beauty all around you.