Herd: Bellasara

Family: Mother Sarah, Father Leonardo

Title: Jester and Page of Herd Bellasara


Picture 136


Sunbeam has a chestnut coat, four white stockings, and a white stripe down his face, being a clear reflection of his father.  His mane and tail are part of the sun, and shine unimaginably bright.

Sunbeam is spirited and energetic, always wanting fun. More importantly, he is one to quickly move on from past experiences. He will forgive others for past mistakes.

Saying: "Forgiving others helps you let go of hurt feelings."


Picture 135


Moonbeam's markings are the exact opposite of those of her brother.  Her glowing pale gray coat seems to be part of the moon itself.  She has a dusty brown short mane and tail, and her "socks" are the same color. 

Moonbeam is observant and curious, always wanting to stop, inspect and then continue. She also is very imaginative, and easily finds inspiration from the people and things around her.

Saying: "You were born with a creative spirit.  Let your ideas flow freely."


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