Herd: Elemyn

Title: Colm's Fiery Steed

Family: Mother Dowager; Father Valkrist; Brother Wings

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Soot is coal-black like his mother, but he has traceries of glowing orange running across his body. He emits a faint orange glow and breathes out smoke through his fiery nostrils. His eyes are dark.


Soot can be a little cocky at times, but he is mostly very loyal and kind to his family and friends. Especially his rider Colm. Soot loves going on adventures, like the quest for Herd Sunflower.

Magical Gifts

Soot is a windwalker, and he shoots fire out of his hooves when he uses this gift. He also exhales smoke.

Inspirational Message

"Love who you are. Believe in who you can be."