Royalty Snowdreamer

Herd: Valeryk

Title: Queen of Herd Valeryk

Family: Mate Sleetmane ; Colts Chocolate, Dane, and Frosty; Fillies Thora and Tinsel


Snowdreamer is an elegant white unicorn mare with a slender but strong build. Her billowing hair makes her appear like she has snowy clouds surrounding her. She has long and silky feathering and the tip of her muzzle is tipped with dusty black. She also wears red beads and flowers, some on her mane and tail, withers, foreleg, and forehead.

Magical Gift

Snowdreamer has the ability to make snow. She leaves a trail of it wherever she goes. 

Inspirational Saying

English: Be brave enough to go wherever your dreams take you. 

French: Aie le courage d'aller là où t'emmènent tes rêves.

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