Herd: Valeryk

Title: King of Herd Valeryk

Family: Mate Snowdreamer; Colts Dane, Frosty, and Chocolate; Fillies Thora and Tinsel

Herds of North of North Sleetmane



Sleetmane's build is very much like a Shetland's, with a short stature and shaggy hair. His coat is a deep chocolate brown, while his mane and tail are a very light cream color. He is most often seen with his friends, the Glowball Pooches.


Sleetmane is the perfect example of what a true herd Valeryk member should be like. He is brave and courageous, but also kind and forgiving. Overall, he makes for a wonderful king.

Inspirational Saying

Imagine your wish. Have faith that it will come true. 


Sleetmane is one of the main characters in Book Eleven (Amia and the Ice Gems) of the Bella Sara series. 

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