Herd: Sunflower

Family: Mate Flora; Filly Bluebell; Colt Tumbleweed

IMG 0855


Skipper is a flea-bitten grey draft stallion that has a dark grey mane with white highlights, and a dark grey tail that has a white tip. He has chocolate-tan stockings, and heavy white feathering. His eyes are dark and his muzzle is light pink. At Bella's Ball he wears a green cape with a white collar and fringed with golden-decorated ruffles. Skipper's tail has a green and white puffy "sleeve" around it. His collar has a rose tucked under it, and he wears a black hat with a red and gold rim and two feathers of different shades of pink attached to it.

Inspirational Message

IMG 0860

"Believe in your worth. You are valuable."

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