Herd: Sunflower

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Shasta Daisy is a coal black filly with an extra-wavy tail. Her mane is tied up into little ponytails with yellow ribbons, and one of them trails two long ribbons that have daisies on them behind it. She has four stockings that are made up of daisy shapes, and Daisy wears a necklace made of daisies with their stems knotted together.


Daisy has many special talents, and often shows off in front of her herd. Both she and her friend Buttercup love to try and find even more of Shasta Daisy's gifts.

Bella Sara Adventures

Shasta Daisy is found in the Outskirts next to Bluebell. Her favorite food is hibiscus.

Inspirational Message

"Look for your special gifts and love what you find."

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