Herd: Sunflower

Family: Mate Beran, Colt Briar, Fillies Petal and Calyx

Picture 201

Rosebriar giving her friends, the Rose Dragons, a ride.


Rosebriar is a lovely unicorn mare with a white coat and gloriously long feathering on her fetlocks and ankles. Vines twirl around her mane and tail and bloom with elegant roses. She looks like a classical European unicorn - all white, long spiral horn, gorgeously groomed, completely pure.


Rosebriar is as playful as a young filly. Her magical friends, the Rose Dragons (tiny green dragons with roses on their tails), jump around with her through rose bushes and in between shrubs.

Magical Gift

Her magic makes the roses grow and keeps them happy and healthy, rather than having them wither and die. She can jump very high, which comes in handy when she plays in the maze of roses surrounding Petalhome.

Inspirational Message

"The world is full of freedom and love for you to find."