Herd: Airistos

Family: Mate Allegra, Colt Brioso




Rodrigo is a sandy bay alicorn with a brown curly mane and tail. His wings are pale yellow-green and similar in shape to those of a butterfly, while his whorled, almost spindly horn is a shiny gold. His hooves are a sparkling green.

He is festooned with ribbons - gold around his lower legs and green in his mane and tail. He seems to have a green, multi-strand belt around his body, clasped by a medallion. Around his neck is a green collar studded with gems.

Magical Gifts

As Rodrigo is an alicorn and has wings, he can naturally fly.


Rodrigo seems to be a quiet horse, judging by his inspirational saying.

Inspirational Saying

"It's okay to be quiet. Not everything needs to be said out loud."

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