There are lots of amazing sights in Bella Sara, like the Bella and Bello Monuments and Dawnstar Castle. This page is dedicated to all those monuments and castles that we love. Please create the pages below if you know of these places.


  • Airistos Castle
    • Dawnstar Castle
    • Islander Castle
    • Petalhome
    • Feywind Castle
    • Parthamane Castle
    • Rollandotter Castle
    • Shahazar Castle
    • Valeryk Castle
  • Dawnstar Castle
  • Feywind Castle
  • Ice Castle
  • Islandar Castle
  • Parthamane Castle
  • Petalhome
  • Rolandsgaard Castle
  • Shahazar Castle
  • Valeryk Castle
  • Wildscape Castle
Favorite Castle Design

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Bella Sara Places

  • Bella and Bello Monuments
    • Winter Festival: Canter Hollow
    • Spring Carnival: Canter Hollow Stables
    • Summer Camp: Bella & Bello Monuments
    • Winter Festival: World Tree
  • Canter Hollow
  • Canter Hollow Stables
  • Fountain of Legends
  • Teardrop Lake
  • World Tree (Drasilmare)

Airistos Places

Elemyn Places

Islandar Places

  • Islands of Equinesia
  • Sandhaven

Moonfairy Places

Mustang Places

Pantheon Places

  • Pantheon Territory

Shahazar Places

  • Autumn Sands

Starlight Places

  • Starlight Territory

Sunflower Places

  • Jasmine Forest
  • Courtyards of Petalhome and the Rose Maze

Valeryk Places

  • Frostfroth Falls
  • Lake Riddlemere
  • Midwinter Mountains

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