Overgaard Skylands Map

Overgaard Skylands is an area in Bella Sara Adventures



Sara is in the Overgaard Skylands in her rainbow dress. She welcomes you to North of North and explains the herds to you.


Nike greets you at the entrance to Overgaard Skylands. Her favorite food is lemon-lime.


Flame greets you at the entrance to Overgaard Skylands, and will give you a fire-related quest. His favorite food is a flaming pepper.

Marta Thomas

Marta lives and takes care of her Bovos in Overgaard Skylands. She will buy ladybugs off you for pest control in groups of 6 for 3 horseshoes.

Pink, Brown, and Regular Bovos

Marta Thomas owns three Bovos, which are very similar to cows but seem to be lightweight and can hover in the air. Upon feeding them hay, they produce milk, strawberries, which can then be used to produce strawberry milk. They also produce cocoa, which can then be used to produce chocolate milk.

Whiffle Bear

Whiffle Bears herd the clouds along with Anemone. They are usually helpful and send rain clouds to dry crops and keep them away from picnics.


There is a grumpy Hobpixie you must befriend at Sara's request. He gives you three riddles to find out what his favorite food is. You need to then go to Mother Comfort and she will make it for you, and once you bring the food back to the Hobpixie he is friendly.



Cloud Soil


Lunar Sparkles (Along the perimeter of the map)

Connected to

Canter Downs