Herd: Valeryk

Title: Minstrelle of Herd Valeryk

Bellasara nieva



Nieva is a palomino mare with a lush white mane and tail. Her legs are also white with 'feathers' overlapping her brown hooves. Two patches are on her face; one is white and the other pink. She has a gem-studded net on her back, as well as a necklace.

Magical Gift

Nieva is a gifted musician; judging by the illustration, she is a percussionist.

Magical Friends

Nieva's magical friends are the Shedderpups. The Shedderpups look similar to small dogs, but with rapidly-growing sky blue fur, pink noses and inner ears, and a short cotton-like tail. As their name heavily infers, they shed constantly. Their fur grows so fast to keep warm in their freezing home, they end up too hot, so they shed the excess. Nieva uses their overabundant fur like a blanket to keep herself warm.

Inspirational Message

"You can always get the help you need. Just ask for it."

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