Herd: Moonfairy

Family: Mother Mireldis, Father Bukefalos




Moonsprite is a ghost white shy filly. She has the ability to become almost invisible and does this when she is nervous or scared. She and her best friend Scribee, a young tassel mouse, spend most of their time looking for herbs for her mother's potions. Moonsprite is impossible to track because she doesn't leave footprints and doesn't trample vegetation where she walks.

Saying: If someone hurts you, tell her how you feel about it.


Picture 179


Moonphantom is a colt, wise beyond his years. Some say he was born old, though he appears to be a bit gangly and awkward. During the day Moonphantom is a light yellow horse, but at night his color depends on the color of the moon.

For example, during the harvest moon, he is deep red and orange. When the moon is full, he is a bright white; when there is no moon, he is pure black. The blaze on his forehead, when visible, changes to reflect the phases of the moon.

Saying: Push yourself to take the first step. Be brave!

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