Herd: Moonfairy

Title: Patron and Founder of Herd Moonfairy

Family: Sisters Sunflower and Starlight

Moonlight founded the herd named after her when the herds reformed. She still rules that herd, which is comprised of tiny, fairylike unicorns, pegasi, and alicorns.


Picture 36

Moonfairy in a magical forest.

Moonfairy is a glimmering white pegasus mare with a mane and tail the color of spun gold, she wears a crown/headdress at all times made from butterflies and flowers. Her wings are a white- transparent and appear to be shaped like a butterfly's. Though proportionally normal, she is quite small for a horse, which is probably why she is called a fairy.  

Magical Gift

She can fly, and her wings give off white sparkles. She appears illuminated at all times.

Inspirational Message

Let the magical full moon inspire your imagination.