Herd: Moonfairy

Title: Seer of Herd Moonfairy

Family: Mate Bukefalos, Filly Moonsprite, Colt Moonphantom

Treasure: Mireldis's Cauldron

Picture 193



Mireldis is a mysterious, pale, almost ghostly white mare with braids and beaded tassels in her mane and around her neck, creating the impression of fog surrounding her.


With the fog from her potions drifting around her, many unsuspecting mortals have incorrectly interpreted her as a ghost or phantom. Some say she gives potions to those who are weak or injured.


She brews potions under moonlight, with the help of her tassel mouse friends, who collect ingredients for her. She embraces the help she receives and rewards those who do. She tells those to look around them when seeking help and often they find the answer right under their nose.

Magical Gift

She can brew elixirs and healing potions. She also has the ability to evaporate into a foggy image of herself so she can be bottled!

Inspirational Message

"Look for help and you will find it all around you."