Herd: Moonfairy

Lillova maf bbs



Lillova is a green pegasus with a matching, curly, flowing, very long mane and tail. Her wings resemble a dragonfly's, and there are inconspicuous white stripes trailing down her back. Lillova is a lot smaller than most other horses.

Magical Gift

As Lillova is a pegasus, she can naturally fly.

Magical Friends

Lillova's magical friends are the Sweetpea Reindeer. These little creatures resemble tiny, chubby, pink reindeer with green antlers and have white chest, neck, and belly fur. Just like Lillova, they have white stripes on their backs. The Sweetpea Reindeers' jobs are to deliver intangible goodwill to those in need of it. It is easy to spot a Sweetpea Reindeer in the middle of a delivery, as they emit noticeable sparkles while doing so.

Inspirational Message

"Love has no conditions."

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