Herd: Elemyn

Title: Maiden of Herd Elemyn

Treasure: Rainbow Lotus



Lien in a pond.

Lien is a horse made out of water. Her mane is very silky and long, and she is constantly dripping. She even tends to have koi fish swimming inside of her body! Lien's mane and tail also have pink lotus flowers tied in at their base.


Lien is a calm, rather quiet horse. She would rather stand by and watch things than be a part of them, but she will stand up for her friends. She likes to serve better than to be served. Everyone keeps telling Lien to start living a life and get a husband, but Lien prefers to go it alone.

Magical Gift

Being made out of water, Lien has very powerful water magic, able to control all the water in ponds and small lakes.


The koi fish swimming in and around her entertain Lien with all their splashing and dancing. Lien also has the Lotus Hedgehogs, tiny white hedgehogs with big pink blooms on their backs, serving as camouflage to look like lotus flowers.

Bella Sara Adventures


Lien in BSA

Once you unlock Bella's Ball adventures, you unlock Lien, who will have the quest Invitations and is in the Fountain Plaza. When you first ask her about this, she will ask you to grow papyrus, which she will make into paper and only grows in water. When you bring the papyrus reed to her, she will require indigo, which she will make into ink. After the indigo flower is given, the finished invitations will need to be hand-sent to Fiona, Jewel, Thunder, and Nike. When you're finished, and you return to Lien, she will give you a horseshoe prize. When asked about her favorite food, she says, "Blue flag irises are so pretty. I love to eat them too!"

Inspirational Message

"The most important time in your life is right now."

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