Herd: Sunflower

Title: Princess of Herd Sunflower

Family: Father Foxglove, Mother Saffron, Brother Foxtail


Lavender is a lavender young mare with thin and branching wings. Her bubblegum pink mane and tail are voluminous and fitted with lavender heads. She has four pale purple stockings that fade out to her main pelt color. She wears a crown of lavender and her herd's symbol on golden threads around her neck. She may appear very delicate, but she is actually quite coping.

Magical Gift

As Lavender is a pegasus and has wings, she can naturally fly.


Lavender is a very mischievous young mare. She is very playful with a bright, sunny disposition, but she never slows down, much to her mother's chagrin.

Inspirational Saying

"You are like a magic flower, shining with beauty and harmony." 

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