Herd: Valeryk

Title: Host of the Fairy Feast

IMG 0783


Kringle is a unicorn who has a sleek white coat with a red-orange mane and tail. He has chin hair and light feathering the same color. His hooves and eyes are yellow-green, and his horn has red and white stripes. The tips of his ears are tinted red. He appears to be pony-sized and looks delicate but muscular.


Kringle is generally very kind, but is sometimes considered weird because of his imagination. He has many imaginary friends, all of which he cannot see but he truly believes in. However, some of his creatures are actually real, with him alone having the ability to see them.

Magical Gifts

Kringle is a windwalker, and he sometimes leaves a trail of snowflakes behind him when he windwalks. He also has the ability to see creatures that no one else can.

Inspirational Message

"Faith is believing in what you can't see."

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