Herd: Mustang

Titles: Princess and Prince of Herd Mustang

Family: Mother Maplewind, Father Aspen


Picture 187


Juniper is a paint filly with long eyelashes and a loving nature. She looks almost exactly like her mother, except their markings are a tad bit different. As she frolics across her coniferous home, soft sparkling pink mist surrounds and trails out behind her, spreading pink heart petals in the air.

Saying: Ask for a helping hand when you need it.


Picture 190


Hickory is a paint colt with wild eyes and an energetic nature. He is a miniature of his father. As he gallops across the windy fields, sparkling baby blue mist follows him around, sending blue daisy petals into the air.

Saying: Everything will appear at the right time. Be patient.