Herd: Islandar

Title: Patron of Herd Islandar

Family: Mate Rodin; Colt Valor; Fillies Amia and Sophie

Treasures: Gertrude; The Orchid Throne

Jewel is the second patron of Herd Islandar. She helped rebuild the herd with Islandar herself.


Jewel is a bay mare with a wavy black mane and tail. She has an intricate pattern of magical gems on her forehead, made from various different gems, including diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. Her hooves are a deep, chocolate brown.


Jewel is best known for her generosity and kindness, but is playful as well. She likes to donate many of her lovely gems to horses passing by. As a result of this she is considered one of the nicest horses in all of North of North, along with one of the most beautiful. She loves all foals and treats them all equally and loves to give them many of her beautiful jewels.


Jewel was originally a golden statue sculpted with magic, with jewels encrusted on the surface, until Sara magically brought her to life. Now Jewel holds the power of the crystals and gems, and she can always be found with them floating magically around her.

She appears to hold a lot of knowledge of the Rolandotter Vault, as she helps the girl Shine Anders unlock the secrets of the underground. For example, she helped save her many times with different dances, patterns, etc. [Information from Jewel's Magic.]

Magical Gift

Bella Sara Adventures

Jewel is located on the Rolandsgaard Castle Boardwalk. Her favorite food is winterberry.

Inspirational Message

"I will help you stay in a steady flow of abundance."


Magical Horse

Book 3 of Bella Sara's books

Trading Cards: Magical Friends , Magical Friends Shiny , Native Lights , and Native Lights Shiny .