Herd: Islandar

Title: Founder of Herd Islandar

Islandar founded the herd of water horses (hippocamps) named after her. After the herds reformed, she chose Jewel as her successor. It's not clear what happened to her, but she may have passed away later.


Islandar (carousel)


Islandar is a green, white and brown alicorn/hippocampus mare. She has a red and white spiky mane, two horns, two red and blue finlike front hooves, a fin where her hind legs would be, and a fishlike multicolored tail. Her feathered, obviously waterproof wings are bright blue.

Magical Gifts

Islandar can swim and fly, but likely cannot walk except underwater. She has powerful magical abilities relating to water.

Inspirational Saying

Gentleness, honesty and love pave the way for a fruitful friendship.