Herd: Valeryk

Family: Mother Nyx, Father Iceking


Picture 194

Iceprince showing his glory to 2 awed rabbits.

Iceprince is a miniature version of his father and is a bit proud. He is always trying to live up to his father's expectations and his big name, but sometimes needs to learn, even if it is from two unimportant rabbits, that there is also a time to have fun. He is a snow-white alicorn with icy-blue wings, socks, mane, tail, and horn.

Saying: Let others see who you really are.


Picture 195

Starfrost, hiding behind her father's legs.

Starfrost is a midnight-blue alicorn with pale purple and white tips to her wings. She is seen standing in between her father's legs, which shows how tiny she is.

Starfrost is a knowledgeable filly who always behaves. She encourages others to do their best and be rewarded.

Saying: It's easier to let go of your fear if you know where it came from.



Toboggan sliding in the snow!

Toboggan lives for freedom and fun and is always encouraging his brother and sister to stop being so "stuck to the rules" and enjoy sliding on lakes or prancing in the snow. He is a midnight blue unicorn quite resembling his sister Starfrost, except without wings.

Saying: Do funny things that make you giggle.