Herd: Airistos

Title: Minstrelle of Herd Airistos

Bellasara hummingbird



Hummingbird is a tiny alicorn mare. She has paper-thin baby blue wings that are extremely fragile. They are rather rectangular and all of the feathers are trimmed to perfection in a straight line. She has a thin, spindly unicorn horn the color of ice. Her body is very glossy and is a stunning amethyst coloration; her mane and tail are a little scraggly and a deeper purple than her body. Her polished hooves are the same color as her mane and tail, and she has thin gold bands around her fetlocks. Her wings, like her namesake's, beat the air constantly to keep her airborne. Her overall shape is like that of an Arabian's.


Hummingbird seeks joy and happiness in her life. Aware that she has one life to live, she finds what makes her feel the best. She is always listening to music, whether it is the music of the forest or her own. She loves to have fun and plays with different instruments to keep her entertained constantly. She loves hummingbirds and plays them songs on her panpipes.

Magical Gift

Hummingbird has a special talent of playing the panpipe, which earned her the title of Herd Airistos' minstrelle. Though she can play any instrument very well, she exceeds especially in the panpipe. She also is very flexible and agile while airborne and can outmaneuver almost any horse.

Inspirational Message

"Go after the point of life."


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