Normal Horse Pages

Choose an adult horse (or a foal without a sibling) who does NOT already have a page on this wiki, and use the horse's name as a title. Create a blank page, then put this heading in:

Herd: Airistos

Title: Page of Herd Airistos

Family: Mother Allegra; Father Rodrigo

This example is for Brioso; your horse's info will likely be different. Just follow this formatting scheme. If the horse doesn't have a royal title or his/her family is unknown, don't include those.

Next, add different sections using Heading 2 (in the full editor, not the Visual Text Editor). You MUST include Appearance and Inspirational Message (the saying found on the card), as well as some pictures of the card or an illustration of the horse. If the horse has a notable personality, appears in Bella Sara Adventures and/or has a magical gift like flight or swimming, add a section for that as well. For Bella Sara Adventures, make sure to note where the horse appears (where and after what quest if applicable) and his or her favorite food. 

Add categories depending on the gender, herd, shape (regular/hippocampus/unicorn/pegasus/ alicorn/windwalker), and (if applicable) royal status of the horse. Also, add a category for the card set(s) he/she is featured in.


Create a foal page for two or more foals who are siblings. Use their names for the title - for example, Emberic, Helia, and Addis. Then include the herd, title, and family info at the top of the page. After that, there should be one section for each foal, and the appearance, personality, and saying should be grouped into that one section. Add categories depending on the gender(s), herd, shape (regular vs hippocampus vs unicorn vs pegasus), and (if applicable) royal status of the foal(s). Also, add a category for the card set or sets they are featured in.

Spirits and Constellations

This type of horse page only needs appearance information; if the horse is a Spirit, state whether the horse is a Winter or Summer Spirit. Add the category "Spirits" or "Constellations" to the page - and NOTHING ELSE.

Carousel Horses

Carousel Horse pages should start with "A Carousel Horse crafted in [HORSE'S NAME]'s image." For this type of horse page, only provide appearance information. Add the category "Carousel Horses" to the page, as well as "Spring Carnival."

Adding Images

When you're adding an image to the page, make sure:

  • The image is NOT simply a picture of the horse's card! Often there are other pictures of the horse out there - fan art, or expanded versions of the card art. If you are sure there are none (after one or more Google Image searches), just use the card.
  • The image size is 300 px. That's not too big and not too small. HOWEVER, if the image you're using is a card (in the event that there are no other images available), then the size is 250px. 
  • The image is placed right before the "Appearance" section heading and the alignment is set to "Right."