Herd: Airistos

Title: Lady of Herd Airistos

Family: Former love Corcel - perhaps they still love each other?

Honora Best of Bella Sara



Honora is a creamy white Pegasus mare with a thick taupe brown mane and tail. Her translucent wings are a delicate shade of light pink. Her body type is extremely small and delicate, almost like a fairy in a horse's body. Her light taupe brown mane and tail are exceptionally thick, even for a horse. They are held in place with satin mauve ribbons.

Her mane and tail are as straight as a pin, never a wave seen in them. Her wings are quite flimsy, and are much better at looking good than actually flying. Her wings are also shaped exactly like a butterfly's with the larger segment on top and the much smaller segment on bottom.

A large gold circlet hangs from her poll and down the length of her forehead; it is made from rubies and pink topazes held together with reasonably thick golden string in a delicate flower pattern.


She loves to help others out and help them perform to the best of their ability. She is quite graceful and never does anything, from the simplest action to a complicated quest without adding her own special flair to it. She loves acting, as she is a quite dramatic mare, but isn't as good at acting as she speculates. She loves fairies and spending time in the Jasmine Forest with them, despite her being of Herd Airistos. She is much like Nike in the prospect she would never be caught without a hair out of place, she preens herself constantly and is very self-aware. Despite her flaws she loves to keep improving her skills and strives to be the best she can.

Magical Gift

With her wings, she is able to fly, but she also leaves a trail of rose petals wherever she goes. This attracts lots of pastel pink Posybirds and beautiful fairies.

Inspirational Saying

"Honor your strengths by using them to do good." 

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