Herd: Airistos

Title: Jester of Herd Airistos


Hilario is a buckskin pegasus colt. His coat is a lovely orange-yellow color with a deep brown-black mane and tail. His mane and tail are exceptionally long and glossy, with a few curls in them. He has oddly funny stockings - they are a blaring yellow with dark brown stripes going across them horizontally. He has a lot of feathering, the same yellow color as his stocking markings. His wings look like clear dragonfly wings. He has a three-pronged jester hat that is a deep green and vivid yellow; each prong is tipped by a jingling, golden bell. He is small for a colt his age, and has a very small ears.


Hilario loves to laugh, and to make people laugh, hence his job as the Herd Airistos Jester. He is always very jolly and never has a sorrow filled day. He loves to bounce around in meadows and practice his jokes all day. He is extremely friendly and easy to talk to, which goes along with his many friends. He loves his job and especially loves puppeteering. He always has a smile on his face, and seems to be always laughing.

Magical Gift

Hilario seems to have a natural gift of making people laugh, and he can make puppets dance without touching them. He is a little clumsy when it comes to flying, and instead prefers to prance around. Despite his job as a Jester, he is very bright and excels at learning new things quickly.

Inspirational Saying

"Playing around with something new is a fun way to learn."

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