Picture 169

Haku playing her harp, the frame of which is made of shells.

Herd: Islandar

Title: Minstrelle of Herd Islandar


Haku is a pale yellow mare with two front legs and a fish tail. She has a voluminous pink mane with flowers and shells strewn in it, and pink flowers on her flank.


Haku loves to play in the reefs of the ocean collects many interesting sponges or corals. As minstrelle of her herd, she is very good at playing her harp which is made of seagrass and shells. Many of the fish in the sea come to admire her music.

Magical Gift

Haku must have a talent for music, being her herd's Minstrel!

Inspirational Message

"Listen for the hidden harmony beneath the roar."