Jewel Gertrude and the Orchid Throne


Gertrude is a lovely doll with long red yarn for hair and light skin. At the beginning of the events in Jewel's Magic, Gertrude has no eyes and appears to be just a regular doll. But when two gems, a sapphire and an emerald, were given to her as eyes, she became alive and could speak. 


Gertrude is the key to the Rolandotter Vault and she is a Doll Princess. A long time ago, she was stolen by treasure hunters who took the jewels out of her eyes, causing her to become a lifeless doll. Jewel found her and gave her to the Anders family to watch over her, knowing that they would take good care of her. Shine Anders, a young girl, helped return Gertrude to her family and restored her eyes.

Magical Gift

Though not a horse, Gertrude still has a magic gift. She can talk! She is very much human like, despite being a doll. Sadly, since the dolls can't make any facial expressions, Gertrude can't make any, either.

Bella Sara Adventures

Gertrude can be bought for 1000 horseshoes at Patchwork Books & Toys in Bagatella Row.

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