Picture 111

GemDigger Dogs


Jewel is the Gem Digger Dog's best friend. The ability to sniff out gems led to Jewel and the gemdigger dogs' friendship. You see, one morning, Jewel woke to find herself surrounded by a group of gemdigger dogs who had been drawn by her bejeweled beauty. Since then, Jewel has nurtured a special relationship with the gemdigger dogs who are very dear to her. They love her in return and often bring her gifts in the form of rare gems.


From a distance, gemdigger dogs resemble an unfamiliar species of canine, but a closer look reveals supernatural qualities: eyes of polished sardonyx and claws containing shards of diamond. This allows them to dig through any substance no matter how dense.


Gemdigger dogs are born of earth and stone, living in the heart of grand peaks and the core of mountainous divides. However, they can most often be found in the Amethyst Caves close to the shore on the Islands of Equinesia. The water illuminates the treasure filled coves, and the gems reflect off of it, creating a multicolored glow.

Way of Life

These unique creatures also have an unusual attraction to rare minerals and have the ability to sniff out valuable materials like precious metals, gemstones, and the like. Unlike other dogs, Gemdiggers consume the lower value minerals in order to bring them energy to find the more rare of treasures. The core of the gemstones are filled with oridescence, the life force of the dogs.