Herd: Elemyn

Title: King of Herd Elemyn

Family: Mate Jubilee, Colt Silver, Filly Noel

Picture 258



Frostfire is an icy blue stallion with a muscular build and a mane and tail billowing with fire colder than ice as well as hotter than lava. His eyes sparkle with the stars of the heavens, but they can turn coal black when he is angered. He has thick feathering around his sharp hooves that match his mane and tail color. His muzzle is long and thick like an elk's. Although Frostfire is built for strength, not speed, he is rather quick on his hooves.

His coat coloration can change depending on his mood. When he is angry or frustrated, his coat turns a glowing amber and is as hot as fire; when he is calm or happy, his coat is a chilling aqua that is pleasantly cool to the touch.


Frostfire is not considered a very intelligent horse. However, he isn't the dumbest either, and can be exceptionally smart when it comes to battle strategies. Despite his lack of wits, he is a good king most of the time, and loves to spend time with his family and herd. When he is angered, he turns fiercer and more angry than a raging blizzard; one could say he is bipolar. When he is calm, for some odd reason he enjoys the warmth, and vice-versa when he is angry.

Magical Gift

His flaming mane and tail is very magical in that it is both hot and cold at the same time. He is also an extremely advanced battle strategist.

Inspirational Message

"You're not alone–there'll always be a friend for you."