Herd: Sunflower

Family: Mate Skipper; Filly Bluebell; Colt Tumbleweed

IMG 0811


Flora is a pinto whose black spots make the shape of flowers all across her body. Her mane and tail are gray with strands of white here and there, and they have coral ribbons and pink flowers placed throughout them. Flora's eyes are blue and her muzzle is pink. She has black hooves, and pink ribbons wrapped around her front lower legs. At Bella's Ball she wears a drapey hot pink cloak/gown with ruffles along the edges and fabric roses in a few places.


Flora is not afraid to trust others, and she shines like a sunflower when she "opens her petals."

Inspirational Message

IMG 0861

"Open like a flower and show your inner beauty."

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