Have you ever wanted to see the adventures Emma had? You can see it all here, along with all the other Bella Sara Videos! You may have seen the videos, but have you read the books?


The Journey Begins

See where it all started. Where the Journey Begins.

The Adventure Begins (Part 1)08:54

The Adventure Begins (Part 1)

This is Part 1

The Adventure Begins (Part 2)06:42

The Adventure Begins (Part 2)

This is Part 2

The Lost Herds

Now Emma has to find the lost herds Sunflower and Moonfairy. She also must find Starlight but that is not mentioned apparently.

The Lost Herds (Part 1)14:30

The Lost Herds (Part 1)

This is part 1

The Lost Herds (Part 2)00:57

The Lost Herds (Part 2)

This is part 2

The Lost Herds (Part 3)13:41

The Lost Herds (Part 3)

This is part 3

Spring Carnival

Now Emma must save Spring Carnival!

Spring Carnival (Part 1)08:26

Spring Carnival (Part 1)

This is part 1

Spring Carnival (Part 2)07:49

Spring Carnival (Part 2)

This is part 2


The Book Valkrist's Flight is about as close to The Journey Begins as you'll ever get. Rent it at your local library.

Check out Emma and the search for the Sunflower Herd  The video is nothing compared to this.

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