The Emerildian Wilds are located to the east of the Autumn Sands, separated by the Bow Mountains, and are above the Bluegrass Narrows. The Fairy Realm runs through its center. An odd and mysterious place, Herd Moonfairy calls it their home.

The flora there is both unnatural and beautiful. Enchanting willows with sweeping spidery arms, dryads and moving trees, lilacs, violets, and rosemary with their strong scents, and toadstools and mushrooms that can grow taller than a horse!

Seven moons climb the skies at night, each a different color.

The fauna there is even more incredible than the flora. Bright butterflies in shocking pinks and yellows, violet long plumed birds that twitter merrily, winged rabbits, and shy deer and hedgehogs scampering about. There are even strange Flitterwyrms -  flying snakes -  and glittering fish that swim in the earth!