Herd: Airistos

Family: Mother Nike, Father Flame



Emberic flying with happy embers.

Emberic is a young, winged colt, who mostly resembles his fiery father, although he has wings, like his mother. His body pulses with multi-hued reds and oranges, extending out to beautiful red wings. He has a mane and tail of flames like his father. In Summer Camp he wears a red scarf around his neck.

Emberic is filled with hope and joy, and he never lets anything spoil his good mood. He prefers to stick close to heated areas, though he also likes to fly around in the cool of night with his magical fire friends. 

Saying: "You can create miracles in your life. Believe it!" 




Helia, a young winged filly, mostly resembles her mother, Nike; she has a sienna coat with four bronze hooves, and she wears a gossamer cloth around her body as well as silver armor on her front legs. However, her mane, tail, and wings are made of fire. She also wears a red scarf around her neck at Summer Camp.

Like her brother, Emberic, Helia never lets anyone spoil her good mood. She feels most comfortable in the high atmosphere, soaring in the great blue yonder. She is very playful as well, loving to swoop and dive. However, it's just not as fun for her unless she is spiraling and soaring with someone else. Because of this attitude, she has many friends. 

Saying: "Doing things together helps our friendship grow."



Addis surrounded by animals.

Addis is a chestnut paint filly with bronze hooves. Her mane and tail are sienna brown and sometimes flicker with small flames. She wears a little red kerchief around her neck at Summer Camp, in a slightly different in pattern than those of her siblings.

She has a playful disposition and loves to frolic with her siblings and small animals. Because she cannot fly like her siblings, she often is seen near cliffs; however, she prefers the rich valleys that are full of life. Like Emberic, if someone shows that they are sorry for the deeds they have done, she will forgive them and move on. To her, mercy is more important than justice.

Saying: "When someone tells you she's sorry, forgive her."

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