Elemyn statue

The Midwinter Spirit

Herd Elemyn's territory is one of the few that doesn't have all four seasons. For most of the year it is about as frosty and cold as Valeryk territory, with boreal forests and frozen lakes. However, for a brief time in summer, the waterfalls flow and flowers grow.

Many mystical creatures and plants reside in the Elemyn territory - yarn yaks, fuzzhorns, glowball pooches, starfall beetles, and many, many more.

Elemyn's Herd Pendant

Herd Elemyn's pendant has been lost since the battle between Sigga and Feral. It is said that Elemyn herself forged it from the Diamond That Fell From The Sky. It is thought to be located in the heart of the Midwinter Spirit, and if so, it is only accessible through a remote cave chain that winds its way through the statue. The entrance to the cave only opens once in a millennium, so it will be a long time before anyone has a chance to find the pendant.

Additional Images

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