Herd: Islandar

Title: Queen of Herd Islandar

Family: Mate Treasure; Filly Kora; Colt Brine

Bella sara by myartbellasara-d4edke8



Edana is a water horse with two front legs and a fish-like tail. Her body is orange with a touch of gold and fades into maroon at her tail, which has many seaweed-like fins. Her fetlocks are feathered with long, multi-colored hair that obscures her hooves. Her mane is a mixture of maroon, orange, and yellow fire.


Edana originally had the power of a fire elemental horse, and was always very hot. This would drive other water horses away because they were afraid of her heat. However, Edana was friends with fire spoops, small fish with fiery fins. They appreciated her heat but often had to stay near volcanic vents in the ocean.

Still, Edana was so lonely without other water horses so she gave up some of her magic heat to the fire spoops so they wouldn't have to stay only near volcanic vents and could travel the seas with her. Giving up some of her magic made her cool enough that the other water horses were no longer afraid of her. She now has water horse and fire spoop friends.


Edana can be hot-headed, but always has your back. She loves to swim near volcanic vents in the seas but sometimes must remain near the surface to play with her water horse friends.

Magical Ability

Edana has a magical mane of fire and must live near heat, much like the fire spoops, so she was given some magical heat of her own and now swims everywhere.

Inspirational Saying

"Start your day with a happy thought."