Herd: Airistos

Title: Prince of Herd Airistos

Family: Father Uranus, Mother Anemone, Sister Cirra


Ebenos is a black pegasus colt with a muscular build. He has similarly black, oak leaf-shaped wings, swirled with dark magenta. He has his father's flowing mane, tail, and featherings, but they are sparkly coral, white, and a creamy pink fire rather than violet and white like his father's. His eyes are a warm chocolate brown. He seems to be a very coherent mix of his mother and father, appearance-wise.


Ebenos is strong, brave, and adventurous. He is scaring off wolf pups in the picture above - he is not afraid to test his strength and doesn't back down. He seems to have his father's personality - in a nutshell, he is kind, brave, strong, and courageous. He can't wait to follow his father's hoofsteps and rule Herd Airistos, while his sister takes a position as Lady of Herd Airistos. He is very protective of his younger sister, Cirra, and doesn't ever want to see her get hurt - he normally gets a verbal lashing because of this. He isn't very close to his mother, Anemone.

Magical Gift

Ebenos has the ability to fly, as well as walk upon clouds. He also has the power to embolden people and horses.

Inspirational Message

"Today is another chance to do something wonderful."

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