Herd: Unknown


Gold dynamo

Dynamo is a slim, white stallion. His look is inspired by the Lipizzan horse. These horses are used in the Spanish Riding School where they have to perform difficult dressage movements. Dynamo is performing one of these movements, the pirouette. His left hind leg stands still, while he turns in a circle with his other three legs. Dynamo has blue eyes, and a shimmering white coat and mane and tail. He wears golden polo wraps, a golden bridle and a red with gold blanket.


Dynamo's goal is for you to believe in yourself. Don't give up on your dreams. Don't worry if something fails, you can always try again. Don't let anyone stop you from what you're doing, as long it makes you happy.

Magical Gift

Dynamo has sparkling hooves.

Inspirational Saying

Believe in yourself. Have confidence in what you do.

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