Herd: Bellasara

Title: Minstrel of Herd Bellasara

IMG 0762


Dreki has a grayish-green coat with a dull bronze colored mane, tail, and hooves. He has dragon or bat-like wings that are a slightly lighter brown than his mane and tail. However, he is not in herd Airistos because his wings aren't feathered. His eyes are a deep brown. His mane and tail are long and silky, and flow around his neck and back legs. His tail is so long that when he's walking, it drags on the ground behind him!


Dreki is very shy and quiet, preferring to listen to others rather than speak out. Maybe this is why he likes hanging out with his noisy magical friends, the serpentiels. He also seems to not be all that graceful. Despite this Dreki is very kind and loves helping and comforting his friends and making new ones.

Magical Gifts

Dreki, naturally, has the power of flight because he has wings.

Inspirational Message

"More listening and less talking can make things better."

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