Herd: Valeryk

Title: Chatelaine of Herd Valeryk

Bellasara donnecha



Donnecha is a brown mare with a flowing, curly white mane and tail. She has the keys to the Valeryk castle around her neck. According to the Bellapedia, Donnecha is a Root Pony, a playful kind of pony that stands two feet at the shoulders fully-grown.

Magical Friends

Donnecha's magical friends are the Pufferfoxes. The Pufferfoxes are small foxes with bright orange fur, white markings on their muzzle and belly, and black markings on their legs and the tips of their ears. Their tails split into three distinctive 'plumes', which are mostly bright orange but blend into black and are tipped with white. Pufferfoxes are famous for more than their unique tails, though; they also dig large underground dens, which they will eagerly share with other critters.

Inspirational Saying

"This moment is full of chances for you to grow and learn."

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