Herd: Valeryk

Family: Mate Misa

IMG 0779


Derik is a dusty tan horse with a shiny medium brown mane and tail. He has three white anklets and a white underbelly and muzzle. At Bella's Ball, he wears a blue rug over his back half that is slightly lower in front and has yellow tassels on the front two corners. The rug also has a few yellow decorations on it. This outfit also has four blue leg wraps, a blue shoulder ribbon, and a necklace of blue rope and an earpiece of blue rope with yellow tassels on them. Derik's mane is also braided.


Derik is very calm and caring. He refuses to believe that someone is bad unless there is a great amount of evidence. He enjoys spending time dancing with his wife Misa and organizing events for Herd Valeryk.

Inspirational Message

"I see so much good in you. You can be proud of who you are."

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