Herd: Moonfairy

Family: Mother Pink Lady; Father Royce


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Whimsy is a pink unicorn filly with white stockings and a white blaze. Her horn is also pink and is long and spiraled. 

She is very quiet, and very sweet. As can be seen in the picture, she has made friends with a couple of winged otters.

Inspirational Saying: "Be thankful for the happy times you share with your friends."




Primrose is a mauve alicorn filly with a curly, pale yellow mane, tail, and wings.

Primrose is a very playful and graceful filly.

Inspirational Saying: "The more you learn, the more you grow."


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Dart is a black alicorn colt with a white mane, tail, and wings, resembling his father, Royce.

Dart acts a lot like his father, as he is playful. He is also fearless and takes many risks.

Inspirational Saying: "You have the power to change things for the better."

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