Herd: Valeryk

Titles: Princes and Princesses of Herd Valeryk

Family: Mother Snowdreamer, Father Sleetmane


Bellasara dane

Regal Dane

Dane is a warm grey colt with slate grey legs and dark brown trimmed hair. He is commonly seen in his uniform - chainmail neck armor and a silver head plate and neck plate. A silver symbol of Herd Valeryk rests on his cheek and a red cape trimmed in chainmail travels down his back and ends at his tail.

Being the eldest, he often has less time to have fun than his other siblings as he learns how to rule his future kingdom. Dane takes after his father in personality being always a down-to-business sort of colt, always wanting to get things done and wondering what would be best for his kingdom before making decisions.

Inspirational Message: "Life is beautiful in so many ways. Open your eyes to them all."

(Fun Fact: The flag that is attached to Dane's neck plate is the Danish flag. The founder of Bella Sara - Gitte Odder Braendgaard - is from Denmark. This may be the inspiration behind Dane's name; this is not confirmed.)


Bellasara thora

Graceful Thora

Thora, the eldest Valeryk princess, is a pristine ice blue filly with a long, sleek, icy mane and tail, blue eyes tipped with frosted lashes, and shiny blue hooves. She has a slightly stockier build than Dane, veering towards her father's figure while keeping her mother's glossy coat. She wears a clear ocean blue crown made of icicles.

The Lady of the herd, Starunna, often escorts her in the late spring to the outskirts of the Midwinter mountains where she spends time looking at the enchanting waterfalls and pink lilies, or rests beneath a shady willow. She has her mother's personality - she loves comfort and being royal, and tends to be rather jealous and can be slightly rude. Some would call Thora stuck-up or snooty, but she simply brushes off these insults. Like her older brother Dane, she also has less time playing with her three younger siblings as she needs to be focused on ruling her parents' kingdom, as she is future Lady (and perhaps Queen) of Herd Valeryk.

Inspirational Message: "Be a person you respect."


WIN frosty-0

Playful Frosty

Frosty is the third-born foal of Snowdreamer and Sleetmane. He also shows the stocky build of his father, as well as his shaggy coat, which is crisp white. His coarse mane and tail is also white, which is tipped in crystallized blue ice. His hooves are also blue.

He is considered the most playful of all five of the Herd Valeryk royal foals. He is closet to his sister, Tinsel, as he shares her joyful and playful personality. He isn't particularly excited about his role in the Royal Family when he's older, to him the most important thing is playing. He'd rather explore the whole of North of North when he's older, instead of being stuck in an icy castle.

Inspirational Message: "Have confidence in yourself and others will trust you, too."



Adventurous Tinsel

Tinsel, the second sister, has a sienna brown slightly shaggy coat like her father, with voluminous beige hair and fetlocks. She ties it with red and white ribbons. She has magnificent chocolate eyes that are framed by huge black lashes.

She is extremely playful, like her brothers Frosty and Chocolate. She has never really been close to her sister, Thora, since Thora was always scorning her for her more wild appearance. Tinsel has always secretly been a favorite of her father's since she was playful, and, for lack of better words, 'daddy's-little-girl'.

Tinsel, like Frosty, wants to be an explorer when she is older, and wants to get away from the Valeryk Palace with her snooty sister and very noble brother, Dane

Inspirational Message: "You are probably something: discover what it is and do it without hindrance."


WIN chocolate

Carefree Chocolate

Giddy Chocolate is the youngest of his siblings and is a miniature copy of his father in looks, with his shaggy brown coat and coarse, long snowy hair.

He has plenty of time to play and uses half the day to chase the sugarplum fairies and roll in the snow with Colm's Valeryk Husky puppy, Frostbite.

Since he is still quite a small colt, he has never really connected with any of his siblings, and instead prefers the company of his father, Sleetmane, or the local fauna, especially Frostbite. He has a playful nature, but once he matures more, many think he may become more knowledgable and observant, much like his brother Dane.

Inspirational Message: "Chocolate makes this moment delightful."